Quirky Moving House Tips

We know that this must be the hundredth article on moving you’ve read in the month that’s been leading up to your move. The best tip that we can suggest is to hire professional furniture movers to help you with the larger items of your move. If you hire MiniMovers for example, they would be able to help you from start to finish and will spare you the headache moving often gives. But more on that later, it’s time to share our more interesting moving ideas to help your move become faster and more efficient.Throw a reverse housewarming party:The more common ways of getting rid of unwanted things during a move have always been garage sales or donating some of your items to charity. Well, we have never been really known to color within the lines so we got the idea of throwing a reverse housewarming party. It starts off pretty much the same as any barbeque but instead of guests bringing something to share, they have to bring something home from a preapproved list (of course there’s a list). First come, first served should also be observed to avoid unnecessary violence brought on by toaster envy.Be an Antique Archaeologist:With the world experiencing a recession, no one wants to spend money on anything they don’t absolutely have to. Trust us when we say that hiring a professional removalist is money well spent but if you’re struggling to make ends meet then how about diving into your attic to look for a few choice items. If you’ve been living in the same house for the last 50 years then chances are you have some old toys, rusting fixtures and old signs that could be worth a lot of money. Start looking at auction house listings or watch shows like the pickers to get an idea on what collectors are looking for.Delegate, delegate, delegate:We know it’s not really that quirky but we cannot emphasise how easy and smooth your move will be if you gather enough troops to help you during your move. Even if you’ve already hired an experience furniture mover, getting more people involved will make the entire process faster therefore cheaper.Moving is a stressful experience even at the best of times so let us help you make it quick and easy with our expert prepackers and unpackers. Need boxes? We also sell quality removal boxes with an innovative buy back system so that you don’t have to worry about anything else during your move.Good luck and book your move now, give us a call at 1300-882-440 or book your move



Quirky Moving House Tips


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